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News & Updates from Partners for Place
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Comprehensive Plan for Miami, OK |December 2015
Completed and Adopted!!
Miami, located in far northeast Oklahoma, it often the first Oklahoma stop for tourists traveling historic Route 66. With an intact downtown and assets such as the historic Coleman Theater, Miami is a community with unique charm and character. Nine native communities hold tribal land around Miami, adding to the communities depth of character. Like many places, Miami struggles with maintaining its character while accommodating growth. Further, flooding issues limit how and where the community can grow. PfP is working on the Comprehensive Plan to help balance these and other issues as the community moves forward. 
Lexington, VA ARB Training|March 2016
Review Board members - both those who have served for a while and those that are new - can benefit from training. Educated board members render more impartial decisions and serve as stronger advocates for local preservation. PfP just completed the first in a two part training series for the City of Lexington's Architectural Review Board. The training focused of Orientation and Best Practices for served as an ARB member. 
Belmead Rehabilitation Tax Credits | February 2016
The historic Belmead property in Powhatan County is making great strides towards rehabilitating the Belmead Mansion. They have completed the first two phases to rehabilitate the building for use as an events and education center. PfP is completing the Rehabilitation Tax Credit application for the project. Tax Credits have been an invaluable resource for helping the non-profit that owns the property ensure that the rehabilitation is successful.